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Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan is a screaming sun in new commercial (video)


A new commercial for a local window company starring Washington Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan certainly is interesting, insofar as a large man dressed up as the sun who screams at terrified homeowners can be interesting.

So yeah, it’s pretty interesting.

The commercial is for Thompson Creek Window Company and debuted on D.C.’s Comcast SportsNet on Thursday. And really, the only thing that needs to be known to set up the spot has already been explained. It’s Ryan Kerrigan. Dressed up as the sun. Screaming at people. You know, because new, energy efficient windows would help prevent this kind of frightening situation. Or something.

Who knew the sun could be so scary and funny at the same time? And it’s a far better portrayal of the sun than that touchy-feely, nice guy sun from the Jimmy Dean commercials.

Further, who knew Kerrigan had such a “flare” for the dramatic? Get it? Flare? As in solar flare? Because he’s the sun. And “flare” instead of “flair”?

Never mind.

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