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James Harden teaches how to Eurostep while he uses hair pick on his beard (video)


As part of Nike’s “Summer Is Serious” campaign, Houston Rockets dynamic and gloriously bearded superstar James Harden demonstrates how to pull-off the Eurostep, the savvy basketball move where an offensive player loses a defender through a series of nifty steps after picking up the dribble.

Harden humorously demonstrates the move — or how not to do the move — all the while taking meticulous care of his mondo beard with a hair pick, because a James Harden appearance ain’t a James Harden appearance without due and proper respect and deference to the beard. Just take a gander at the James Harden Archives to provide ample evidence of that truism.

Consider ourselves adequately educated. Now that Harden has taught us about the Eurostep, can he tell me what in the hell Dubstep is? Damn kids and their evolving musical genres. As far as I’m concerned, if Boz Scaggs ain’t singing it, I ain’t interested.

[H/T The Basketball Jones]