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Fledgling Indian football league using screwy image of Tim Tebow in promo (pic)


Something called the Elite Football League of India (EFLI) is poised to to bring football to India (convenient locale, given the name). And while it is no sure bet that American-style football will make a big splash in the Subcontinent, it is backed by some big names, with Mark Wahlberg, Mike Ditka and Kurt Warner being among the league’s chief investors.

On Aug. 3, the Delhi Defenders and the Kolkata Vipers will clash at the Delhi University Stadium in what is sure to be a match-up of epic proportions. This is likely because these teams don’t like each other, you see, and each side feels like their backs are against the wall and will give 110% — if the EFLI has mastered the cliched speak of American football, that is.

Since the fledgling league apparently hasn’t had a chance yet to establish any big names to pique fan interest, the EFLI decided to use the image of none other than current New England Patriots’ training camp attendee Tim Tebow in its promotional materials to hype the game.

The only problem — well, on top of the pesky detail that Tim Tebow won’t be playing in the game so far as anyone can tell — is that the promo features Tim Tebow in a Denver Broncos uniform. Photoshopped backwards. Meaning Tim Tebow is depicted as a right-handed quarterback with backwards numbers on his jersey.

Via EFLI’s Facebook page:


Yeesh. But it’s not like the average Indian football fan knows whether or not Tebow throws passes poorly with his right hand or left hand, right?

The weird image is probably due to the EFLI not obtaining the expressed written consent of the National Football League to use one of its “stars” to promote a game. So the league just flipped the image around, you see. Voila!

The sweet irony of it all is that depending on whether or not Tebow is cut by the Patriots before the end of training camp, the popular quarterback position-playing athlete may just be suiting up for an EFLI squad before long.

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