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Red Sox fan awkwardly proposes to girlfriend during game — kind of (video)


During Thursday night’s game between the Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners at Fenway Park, a proposal of marriage occurred in the stands. Kind of.

A Red Sox fan orchestrated the played-out proposal-at-a-ballgame gambit as he and his better half took center stage on the ballpark’s video board. But he didn’t really propose (as in get down on bended knee and so on and so forth) so much as awkwardly dig into his pocket, fish around, produce a ring and then unceremoniously hand to his girlfriend.

How romantic.


Hey. She said yes. At least it seems that way. That proposal, from beginning to end, was all kinds of weird, especially the fact that the guy who portrays Brandon “Badger” Mayhew on “Breaking Bad” was seated in the same row. (above left in screengrab). Crazy coincidence.