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Alabama fan’s Crimson Tide arm tattoo has unfortunate spelling error (photo)


That’s a shame. A photo has surfaced of an arm tattoo an evidently dedicated Alabama Crimson Tide fan had inked into his arm shows why making sure that the tattoo artist is a competent speller may be the most important component of aspect of the tattoo artist selection process.

While the quality of work is impeccable, the spelling of one word is sadly not. Looking closely, it is abundantly clear that the word “allegiance” is misspelled in the line that unfortunately spelled as, “My pledge of allegence.”

There may be no “I” in team — which is a great creed for the Crimson Tide football team to ascribe to — there is one in “allegiance.” Also, there’s an “a” and not an “e.,” but there’s no good joke to go along with that part of the error.

Again, that’s a shame.

[via reddit, by way of Lost Lettermen]