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Taiwanese Animation Treatment of Riley Cooper debacle is subtle (no it’s not) (vid)


Hoo boy. If by some amazing confluence of events you have not heard about the shameful mess that Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has gotten himself into after video surfaced on Deadspin (originally published on Crossing Broad) on Wednesday featuring him dropping the N-Word at a Kenny Chesney concert, fear not, as NMA World Edition has summed it up with the usual restraint, tact and subtlety typical of their patented Taiwanese Animation Treatments.

Next Media Animation’s report also features Cooper’s turds turning into s**tstorms. And testicles on trucks. And literal N-Bombs. And KKK references. And little kids pummeling Cooper’s nutsack. And Eagles teammates urinating on him.

You know, the epitome of restrained, tactful and subtle news coverage. So, so subtle.

Yowesers. Obviously, one is more than able to delve deeper into the story by reviewing coverage and the ugly aftermath of Cooper’s disgraceful behavior from a plethora of traditional news organizations, but in the end, what’s the point? The above animated treatment pretty much covers it.