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Ricky Rubio the Artist uploads pic with message ‘Painting Is Like Love’ (photo)


‘A Portrait of an Artist as a Young Basketball Player’

With minimal explanation, Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio took to Twitter on Thursday to upload a photo of himself in the role of an artist, standing in front of an easel and holding a palette.

While Rubio doesn’t reveal any glimpses of the piece he is working on, although he does hint at the fact that he perceives the craft and process is distinctly sensual in nature.

At least that is how it seems given the message attached to the photo.

Via @rickyrubio9:

Wait. What? Does he mean he views painting like he views Kevin Love, his T-Wolves teammate? Because that would be an awfully strange reference that makes little to no sense. Or is Rubio simply equating the act of artistic expression to the art of lovemaking? Probably. Maybe. Either way, the “morethanmuscle” hashtag is completely confounding.

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