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Brian Wilson photoshops himself, Dodgers greats into Little League photo (pic)


New Los Angeles Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson appears to be trying his hardest to put his San Francisco Giants days well behind him and ingratiate himself to the fans who bleed Dodger Blue. But of course, he is choosing to do so in his typically offbeat manner.

On Wednesday, video surfaced of the bearded baddie dropping an f-bomb during an on-street interaction with a TMZ camera crew. On Thursday, Wilson engaged in some Photoshoppery to illustratively articulate that he hopes to one day be considered deserving of a place among Dodgers lore.

Tweeting, “Came across an old little league photo from when we won states #coachscully,” here’s Wilson’s piece of Photoshop hilarity (via @BrianWilson38):


Great stuff. As noted by Cut4, the Dodgers legends that Wilson played with on a Little League squad of ragamuffins coached by none other than legendary broadcaster Vin Scully include: Tommy Lasorda, Mike Piazza, Kirk Gibson, Fernando Valenzuela, Jackie Robinson, Maury Wills, Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax. Quite the group of young ball players, that’s for sure. It’s remarkable how little they all have changed over the years.

Maybe that’s just how it goes in “Hollyweez,” which apparently is where this team of rugrats played ball as indicated by the sign in the background, where the “Machine,” a longtime, leather-clad pal of Wilson’s, just so happens to be hanging out behind. Solid.