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Last night in ‘Fan Trying to Wrangle Foul Ball Derpness’: This Braves fan (video)


A fan seated behind home plate at Turner Field had a helluva time attempting — and failing — to secure a foul ball that eventually ended up in his vicinity during Wednesday night’s game between the Atlanta Braves and Colorado Rockies.

A towering foul ball off the bat of Braves catcher Brian McCann’s bat in the bottom of the sixth inning actually landed several rows behind the guy in his primo, first row seat before ricocheting and bouncing back toward the field of play.

Despite the fan’s best — and ultimately clumsy and awkward — efforts to hold on to a baseball that was right in his hands, he was unable to wrangle the ball as it bounced away from him and into the hands of a guy who gave virtually no effort whatsoever to bag a souvenir.

To make matters even worse, the fan who is the unfortunate subject of this humorous video takes a mighty tumble in his futile attempts to catch the ball (video via

Sheesh. Having the usher come and help him back to his seat certainly didn’t help matters. How embarrassing.