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Restaurant near Redskins training camp facility has ginormous RG3 burger (pic)


It makes perfect sense for the restaurants in Richmond, Va., to attempt to capitalize on the presence of hungry Washington Redskins fans descending upon the team’s training camp facility that just so happens to be located in town. One such place seeking to to generate some buzz in the coming weeks is Metro Grill, which D.C. Sports Bog reports is located in the town’s famed Fan District. Is it called the Fan District due to an overabundance of ceiling fans, floor fans and other breeze-generating appliances or some more sensible reason altogether? Can’t say.

But what can be said is that Metro Grill arguably has the most gargantuan burger in town named in honor of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III.

It’s a monster of meaty goodness. So tasty, in fact, it even could cheer up that sobbing Redskins fan who suffered a meltdown after not getting any autographs. Maybe.

Called (fittingly) the RG3 Burger, the ginormous testament to meat-and-cheese overindulgence consists of three patties made out of wagyu beef and bacon fat, three kinds of cheese (goat, gorgonzola and gouda) and three condiment toppings (whole-grain mustard, sriracha mayo and roasted garlic spread), three being the operative number in the makeup of the burger. Get it?

Via @KManDevil:


Meaty magnificence. All told, the burger weighs in at a whopping 14 ounces. And with the finishing touches of lettuce, tomato and bacon are slapped on the patties and cheese placed on an onion bun, the bad boy sells for an affordable $12.

Metro Grill owner and operator Kevin Mandeville explains the genesis of the RG3 Burger: “We were sitting around one afternoon last week and we were thinking about the best way to market something specific to the Redskins facility since they’re in town. It kind of came together pretty easily between myself and my head chef. The roasted garlic is the ‘RG’ and the ‘3’ was the three cheeses.”

And the rest, as they say, is history. Artery-clogging, angioplasty-necessitating history.

Let’s just hope the Redskins don’t try to put the kibosh on this burger, similar in scope to what the team did when Arby’s tried to give Robert Griffin III his own reserved parking s[ace. Somehow, I doubt it.