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Pirates fan starts taunting Matt Holliday after botched catch (GIF)


During the second game of a doubleheader between the Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals at PNC Park, Matt Holliday misplayed a deep shot off the bat of Andrew McCutchen in the bottom of the fifth inning right into the seats.

The ball glanced off Holliday’s outstretched glove for a two-run homer for McCutchen. And while Holliday probably was steaming after just missing out on stealing a round-tripper from the Pirates center fielder, the behavior of a Pirates fan immediately afterward likely got his blood boiling.

Tough Guy Pirates Fan began to taunt Holliday, puffing out his chest, waving his arm and appearing to talk some serious smack in a truly remarkable display of douchebaggery.

What a jagoff. Holliday should be credited for keeping his cool and not engaging this ├╝ber-douche.

(GIF via Beer Mug Sports)