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Little Cowboys fans mock hysterical Redskins fan over infamous meltdown (video)


Leave to a couple of wisecracking and young Dallas Cowboys fans to mercilessly mock and ridicule Kimberly Lewis, who attained Internet infamy after she recorded herself suffering an unhinged meltdown after she spent a morning at Washington Redskins training camp without procuring a single autograph.

It was later learned that Ms. Lewis is four months pregnant, somewhat explaining — although not justifying — her in-car histrionics. Either way, any hormonal imbalances on the part of Lewis were immaterial, irrelevant and inconsequential as far as these three tykes were concerned. They were going to hammer her either way.

The fact that these little smart alecks managed to obtain a bey of autographs during their visit to Dallas Cowboys training camp provided the kindling by which they ignited their NFC East rivals flame war. Witness the savagery:

Ouch. There’s nothing worse than having one’s antics turned into fodder for the ridicule by young children. Kids can be downright nasty.

[H/T Eye on Football]