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Marlins pitcher Chad Qualls celebrates strikeout with fist pump, falling down (vid)


Hoo boy. If the sight of Chad Qualls emphatically celebrating a strikeout by pumping his fist and then falling down after he stomps off the mound doesn’t epitomize the current incarnation of the beleaguered ball club that is the Miami Marlins, what does?

Qualls, after retiring Mets infielder Omar Quintanilla in the top of 8th inning with two men on base to end a scoring threat, excitedly storms off the mound and in a demonstration of overdone exuberance, pumps his fist. Somehow, the inertia that was created by the fist pump evidently made it difficult for Qualls to maintain his balance as the Marlins reliever hilariously tumbles to the ground.

To his credit, Qualls quickly regained his composure and with a dazzling display of agility, somersaults out of his fall and stands back up in one quick motion before continuing his stroll to the dugout (via

And the awkward fall in full Giffy goodness:

The reaction of Qualls’ teammates is priceless, as is his embarrassed grin as he walks through the dugout. Could have been worse. Qualls could have injured himself, which would have made this amusing scene an even better representation of the woeful Miami Marlins franchise.