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A nattily attired Brian Wilson on joining Dodgers: ‘F**king exciting’ (video)


A TMZ camera crew caught up with The Bearded One, Brian Wilson, on the streets of Los Angeles as he exited a gym and asked him how he felt about joining the Los Angeles Dodgers organization.

As Wilson, 31, is wont to do, he was his usual colorful self. Dressed in shorts, garish shoes and a magnificent tank top featuring the American flag, Wilson took a cue from TMZ guy about it being exciting that he’s joining the Dodgers by saying, “Yeah, it is f**king exciting.”

It’s good to have Brian Wilson back in baseball, ain’t it?

Via TMZ:

Wilson reportedly has signed a one-year, incentive-laden deal with the Dodgers for what is believed to start at $1 million and include performance bonuses, according to an report. Wilson, who underwent Tommy John surgery in April, 2012, is expected to head to the team’s spring training complex in Arizona for a two-week warmup and if things go as planned, he will join the team’s Class A ball club, Rancho Cucamonga.

Wilson, as gregarious as always, even stopped on a street corner to continue his interaction with the TMZ camera crew. He didn’t appear too worried about joining the Dodgers after spending so many years as the backstop of his new team’s most hated rival, the San Francisco Giants.

“I don’t worry about rivalry, bro … I just play baseball, you know,” said Wilson, still rocking the magnificent beard even more accentuated by his jet black mohawk.

Asked how he feels about being a Dodger, Wilson said, “Well, I’m a pretty big America fan … red, white and Dodger blue, I guess.” Indeed.

But most of all, Wilson simply is happy to be back playing the game he loves.

“I like baseball. I need it.”