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Packers head coach Mike McCarthy disputes notion that Eddie Lacy is fat (pic/vid)


On Monday, a photo (above) that made its way around the Internet on Monday igniting a firestorm of fat jokes seems to show that Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy may have packed on a few tens of pounds during the offseason and showed up to training camp terribly out of shape. Obese, even.

The photo in question clearly is taken at an unflattering angle that accentuates Lacy’s midsection, providing a distorted perception that gives the impression that he is out of shape.

Not so, said Packers head coach Mike McCarthy to reporters on Tuesday.

McCarthy insists that had Lacy been as far out of shape as the unflattering photo appears to indicate, 5-11, 230-pound running back wouldn’t even have been on the field, as reported in the Green Bay Press-Gazette:

“Eddie Lacy going through the conditioning tests, he was fine,” McCarthy said. “Anytime our players come in, we have a physical, conditioning tests. If we had concerns about any of our guys, they wouldn’t be on the field.”

A video posted by Deadspin also showed how the photo completely misrepresented the shape that Lacy currently is in by showing a much more svelte-looking Lacy catching a pass during a drill:

Yep, Lacy does not look like a Weeble that is about wobble but refuses to fall down, that’s for sure. Lesson learned. Eddie Lacy is not fat. Nevertheless, that photo sure made him look like one fatty boombalatty. Which is funny no matter how inaccurate. Although it is good for Lacy that it appears the real truth has been revealed.