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Indiana farm unveils designs for two Blackhawks-themed corn mazes (pics)


Corn mazes inspired by either sports teams or athletes are not at all an uncommon occurrence. In fact, the corny ode to beloved sports figures practically are commonplace nowadays (see here, here, here and here) and hardly be considered a novel concept any longer.

But the preliminary step County Line Orchard, a farm located Hobart, Indiana, took by previewing two upcoming designs that will pay tribute to the Chicago Blackhawks and the team’s recent Stanley Cup championship on Twitter shows that the creative forces behind this corn maze operation understand how to market its product, even before anything is completed.

Via @marcusleshock:

Fantastic. One could even say the designs are “a-maize-ing” or even “a-maze-ing” for that matter. That is, if he or she wished to be mocked for such simplistic and lazy punnery. Which I apparently am.

Although it warrants mentioning that as far as fantastic tributes to the Blackahwks are concerned, nothing beats the “My Little Blackhawk” Tumblr.

Also, don’t let Patrick Kane try to navigate his way through either of these mazes upon completion. That’s just asking for trouble.

[H/T For the Win]