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Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole caught picking his nose, eating boogers (GIF)


Well, that’s pretty gross. Actually, the sight of Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole going full bore while mining for nose gold as he sits in the dugout during what likely was Sunday’s game against the Miami Marlins is gross enough if that’s all that happened, but what he does with what he extracts from his nostril makes the entire scene beyond gross. In fact, it’s a nauseating, gag-inducing scene of booger-eating nastiness.

Via Deadspin:

Gross. The length of time he looks at what is stuck on the tip of his finger, studying it, contemplating what he should do with it, only adds to the already-disturbing scene. He had plenty of time to figure out an alternative and yet, he proceeds to stick his booger-finger right in his mouth. Gee whiz.

Thus far this season in his rookie campaign, Cole is 5-4 in nine starts with a 3.56 ERA, which indicates that the Pirates, at least in this case, knew how to pick a winner. Evidently, Gerrit Cole has some expertise in that area as well.