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Fan takes photo of precise moment Nationals pitcher fouls ball off his crotch (pic)


In the second inning of the New York Mets-Washington Nationals tilt on Sunday, Nats pitcher Taylor Jordan fouled a ball off during his at-bat. The ball caromed off the dirt and bounced up, straight into his man parts.

As The Big Lead reports, neither broadcast crew apparently commented upon how the ball had made an impact with the most sensitive of areas on Jordan’s body, but a fan seated at field-level along the first base line at Nationals Park miraculously snapped a photo at the exact moment of the ball-on-balls connection and uploaded it to reddit, as you can see above.

GIF follows.

While the GIF is abundantly illustrative of exactly how the ball bounces up and drills Jordan in the crotch, the photo is far more mesmerizing. It’s a Pulitzer Prize-worthy photograph given the precise timing of the snapshot. And yet, I doubt “Taylor Jordan Hit in Crotch by Baseball” will receive the attention and acclaim it most certainly merits when Pulitzers are handed out. It’s all politics.