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Torii Hunter leaves game with sore Achilles, blames dress shoes that were too tight


Detroit Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter was pulled from Thursday’s game against the Chicago White Sox in the eight inning for what is being deemed as a sore left Achilles. While it usually is a cause for concern when a 38-year-old player with a lot of miles on him suffers a nagging injury like a sore Achilles, Hunter insisted he’ll be in Friday’s lineup for a game against the Philadelphia Phillies at Comerica Park.

What Hunter is blaming the injury on is what makes the story so strange.

Asked if there was any chance he’d miss Friday’s game despite his insistence that he’d play, Hunter was defiant.

“Hell no,” Hunter said. “I’m a gamer, man. I come ready to play. You know that. I’ll be in there tomorrow. Don’t worry about it. Everything’s fine.”

What is not fine, apparently, is Hunter’s choice of footwear. In another physical malady that has befallen a ballplayer worthy of inclusion in the pantheon of “Bizarre Injuries Suffered by Baseball Players,” Hunter blames the Achilles soreness on shoes. A pair of dress shoes, to be specific.

That’s right. Hunter says a pair of dress shoes he was wearing were too tight for his feet, causing the Achilles in his left foot to flare up.

“It was definitely those (dress) shoes,” Hunter said. “I’ll be fine tomorrow. It was just a little sore. I played through it the whole game. It happened this morning. But I’m fine.”

Here’s an idea for Torii Hunter. Flip flops. Or a pair of those obnoxious Crocs thingamajobbers. Or, here’s an even better idea: Hunter should go ahead and wear dress shoes if he likes. Just make sure that the damn things fit.

And one final note: Hunter left US Cellular Field on Thursday in sneakers. Good call.

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