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Razorbacks fan sings ‘I’m a Bielemer’ to the tune of The Monkees classic (video)


Somehow, this magnificently awkward video has been languishing unnoticed on the interwebs since December but just recently has begun receiving the attention warranted to it in light of its absurdity.

In the video, an evidently passionate Arkansas Razorbacks fan sings the praises of new head football coach Bret Bielema, who spurned the Wisconsin Badgers and the Big Ten for the greener, more high profile pastures of the SEC.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Wesley Wells, who presumably is the young man who created and performs the song, “I’m a Bielemer” to the tune of The Monkees classic pop standard, “I’m a Believer.”

And yes, it’s about as hilarious as it sounds.

Much credit to Kegs ‘N Eggs for unearthing this bit of brilliance:

A capella was an interesting choice. And what’s up with the background “vocals”? Weird.

To be perfectly honest, that was not good, in the conventional sense, of course. At the same time, it’s far better than friggin’ Smash Mouth’s horrible rendition of the original song. Although that’s not saying much.

Here’s a little known fact about the original tune (The More You Know): The song was composed for The Monkees by none other than arguably one of the greatest singer-songwriters of all-time, Neil Diamond, who also originally recorded the catchy little ditty. With that in mind, perhaps Razorbacks fans would prefer Bielema’s tenure at Arkansas to be something like another Neil Diamond classic, “Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show.” It was a hot August night, indeed.