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Justin Bieber brags about receiving signed Maple Leafs hockey stick (video)


In a demonstration that is sure to anger fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs — make that hockey fans and well, essentially every other self-respecting human being, save for teenage girls and weirdo adults — Justin Bieber uploaded a video documenting how he had just received an autographed hockey stick from the Maple Leafs.

The worst part of it — other than it is a video featuring Justin Bieber to begin with — is just how douchetastically he goes about it.


Via Instagram:

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick! We all are well aware of the fact just how much of an egomaniacal, narcissistic cretin this kid is, but this little performance takes the cake. Thanks for pointing out that you are in fact the one, the only, Justin Bieber. What a schmuck. Although one commenter on the Instagram video found it charming, writing, “To me, Justin Bieber” haha, your so sweet