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Angels reliever Dane De La Rosa cares for injured bird in bullpen (video)


While it is assumed that Los Angeles Angels relief pitcher Dane De La Rosa has little to no training in the field of avian veterinary sciences, he nevertheless sprung into action to care for an injured bird he noticed suffering nearby the team’s bullpen area at O.Co Coliseum during a game against the Oakland Athletics.

With no concern for his safety — birds are notorious spreaders of sickness and disease (I think) — De La Rosa carefully scooped up the injured pigeon and delicately carried it to the Angels dugout.

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 And, as is often the case in situations such as these when a gentle soul provides care for an injured beast, a quick and apparently meaningful bond developed between man and bird, as evidenced by De La Rosa naming his winged patient:

Additional details regarding the care of “Randy” were passed on via Twitter:

Hopefully, Randy turned out to be just fine. And it may be a good thing that he didn’t require veterinary care, what with the cost of ordering all those special, real tiny instruments.

Still, what a heartwarming moment. Although I can imagine PETA finding something wrong with what occurred, like De La Rosa should have carried Randy differently or some other ridiculous accusation.

Either way, for what it’s worthy, De La Rosa later pitched a 1-2-3 8th inning in the Angels’ 8-3 win on Thursday. See? A soul nourished by the joy derived from the love for all creatures can inspire one to achieve great things. Or the ability to do one’s job adequately, I guess.

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