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Pee-wee football player destroys teammate during practice drill (video)

Wow. Pretty good technique. While his pads were pretty much nice and square and he kept his head up as he delivered a punishing take-down of his pee-wee teammate during a one-on-one drill, he failed to wrap him up. Then again, if you can apply that kind of force, why bother wrapping up in the first place?

In the end, it really doesn’t matter. If this kid has aspirations to play big-time college football and one day make it to the National Football League, tackling probably will be banned in the sport by that point anyway, a relic of a bygone era when on-the-field, gladiatorial violence was celebrated instead of abhorred. Yeah, some of us will refer to them as “The Good Old Days.” Others? Not so much.

[H/T FTW/Faux John Madden, via Bob’s Blitz]