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Nationals fan has customized team shirt with the name ‘HONEY BOOBOO’ (photo)


Good grief. So sad. So, so, so sad. Perhaps this Washington Nationals fan decided to get “HONEY BOOBOO” emblazoned upon his customized Nationals t-shirt so he could wear it to the ballpark ironically. Or, he’s really a huge fan of Honey Boo Boo and the reeking filth that is her reality show that TLC flushes down into its programming sewers and wanted to combine two of his favorite things into one train wreck of a t-shirt.

Either way, it ain’t good. If Nationals skipper Davey Johnson saw this shirt, he just may go through on the threat he jokingly made earlier this week. And to make matters even worse, he sullied the No. 34 worn by Bryce Harper. For shame.

I weep for our future. Better yet, I weep for our present.

[H/T Busted Coverage, image via @BGunst]