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‘My Little Blackhawk’ Tumblr: An adorable ode to the Chicago Blackhawks (pics)


From simple ideas often come brilliant things. Such is the case with “My Little Blackhawk,” a Tumblr page dedicated to depicting the Chicago Blackhawks as little horsey critters akin to creatures from “My Little Pony,” a Hasbro creation that reached its pinnacle of fame in toys, merchandising, cartoons, etc. in the 1980s.

How the concept materialized is as amusing as each and everyone of the drawings on “My Little Blackhawk” are adorable.

To illustrate the theme of My Little Blackhawk, the above image celebrates and documents how, according to the post, “3 little Blackhawks got invited to USA’s Olympic Orientation Camp, also known as Team Unicorn.” Team Unicorn, of course, is a reference to the below photo of American Patrick Kane that made the rounds on the Internet shortly after the Blackhawks secured its Stanley Cup title:


The above photo of Patrick Kane sporting a unicorn head during a raucous night out on the town celebrating the team’s Stanley Cup win spawned the “My Little Blackhawk” Tumblr, as explained in the “About” portion of the page: “What started with a picture of Patrick Kane wearing a unicorn mask and a joke on twitter has now turned into a series of drawings of some of our favorite blackhawks as ponies.”

And as they say, the rest is history. Adorable little Blackhawk pony history.

The Unicorn Kane photo inspired Uni-Kane:


Others followed, some more random drawings. For example, here’s head coach Joel Quenneville as a “My Little Blackhawk”:


Additional drawings, meanwhile, were inspired by real events that occurred on the ice. Such as Uni-Kane hugging Pony Toews:

uni-kane-pony-toews kane-toews-my-little-blackhawk

And Pony Shaw celebrating by climbing on the back of Uni-Kane:

uni-kane-pony-shaw kane-shaw-my-little-blackhawk

The entire Tumblr is chock-full of “My Little Blackhawk” adorableness. What a clever concept.

[H/T Puck Daddy, all images via My Little Blackhawk]