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LeBron James is winning at life, has a 24/7 DJ on the payroll (videos)


It definitely should come as no surprise that when LeBron James decides he wants to live the high life, it doesn’t involve picking up a 12-pack of the Champagne of Beers. Nope, when the Miami Heat superstar wants to live large, he does things that most folks could never do, let alone even think of doing.

King James currently is in China and to showcase how the better half live, he uploaded a couple of vids to Instagram, showing how he has a DJ on retainer in his room whose job is to keep the music playing 24 hours a day, if that’s what LeBron wants.

The first video shows LeBron in his glamorous suite in the W Hotel in Guangzhou showing off DJ Steph Floss spinning records and saying, “Just gotta show you all something … I got my own 24/7 dj in my room!” The video bears the message, “C’mon man this is crazy! 24/7. It may be over for my dj @djstephfloss. Hahaha #ThisIsLiving #Awesomeness.” And how.

The second video, uploaded about eight hours later, has LeBron letting us know he ain’t playing about the 24/7 DJ, in which he boasts, “Just letting you all know that I really wasn’t playing about my 24/7 DJ.”

Don’t worry, LeBron. No one ever doubted that you have the financial wherewithal and disposition where having a DJ around all the time in case you wanted to listen to tunes is a necessary indulgence.