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Here’s Chris Bosh’s toddler son Jackson chilling during a tropical vacation (pic)


Miami Heat big man Chris Bosh, his wife Adrienne and nearly 15-month-old son Jackson are making sure the familial unit spends as much time as possible together. And with the hefty income Bosh receives from being an NBA star, the Boshs are able to travel exotic and gorgeous locales during their travels.

Bosh uploaded a photo of Jackson living large amid a breathtaking landscape of mountains and turquoise blue waters while lounging in the lap of total luxury. Bosh tweeted that Jackson “thinks he has it rough.” And how.


It’s a good gig if you can get it, although I wonder if that book might be a bit much for a toddler. Maybe something a little lighter would do him good. You know, help little Jackson get to a place where he can truly relax.

But does Jackson have a 24/7 DJ like Uncle LeBron does? Didn’t think so.