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Alfred Morris’ 1991 Mazda 626 sedan being refurbished by automaker (photo)


One of the more charming stories from the 2012 NFL season was despite the impact Washington Redskins running back Alfred Morris had on the field during his rookie season was how remarkably humble he remained off of it.

Exhibit A of just how grounded Alfred Morris stayed despite his success was a story from early in the season about how he was still driving his beat-up 1991 Mazda 626 sedan that he purchased while a junior at Florida Atlantic University.

It turns out his nostalgic dedication to his old ride is about to pay dividends, but only to a certain extent. His old clunker of a car currently is in a Mazda shop being restored to factory condition.

Morris said that Mazda was thrilled with the free publicity generated by his holding on to the car and simply is rewarding the running back for his unintended efforts.


Morris pointed out that the refurbishing isn’t going to be over-the-top or anything, telling CBS Sports, “It’s not ‘Pimp My Ride’ or anything,” adding, “No big rims or fish tanks in the bank.”

He said the Mazda’s cracked dashboard will be repaired and some work will be performed on the transmission and engine to ensure that the car is in tip-top shape. Or as tip-top of shape a 1991 Mazda can be.

However, Morris will allow one extravagance, with the word “extravagance” being used quite liberally. The Redskins running back said there may be one add-on, “Like a navigation system or something maybe.”

Slow down, good sir. Let’s not go crazy here.