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Tom Brady stars in yet another amusing Funny or Die sketch (video)


New England Patriots quarterback makes a triumphant return to comedy, starring in another Funny or Die video. A little over a year ago, Brady got some laughs in a video where he is made fun of for his supposed Boston accent.

As was the case in the original video, Brady is again forced to deal with Doug, a goofball clerk at Dick’s Sporting Goods during a publicity appearance for Under Armour at a store.

This time around, Doug convinces Brady to pretend that he and Tom are old friends in order to impress his girlfriend and her parents.

Among the bits of hilarity: Doug refers to “Tom Bomb,” Shady Brady” and “Tommy Salami.” He also claims to have taught Brady how to play football, that Tom owes him money and regales his girlfriend’s parents with a tale of how Brady has a tough time at the beach. Pretty solid effort all the way around.

Ha. My wiener is covered in sand. Good stuff. It’s amusing to see Brady trying to be funny. But not as hilarious as when the humor involving something the Patriots quarterback is doing is purely unintentional.