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Guy at Diamondbacks game attempts to bong a beer through a snorkel (GIF)


I suppose we should give these two dudes credit for attempting to go full-on MacGyver by utilizing an item in their possession in order to do some super-brah beer-bonging during the Arizona Diamondbacks-Chicago Cubs game at Chase Field on Tuesday night. Yep, the guy in the outfield pool at Chase Field is attempting to get his fill of beer by using a snorkel as an improvised beer bonging device.

But in the end, to much beer didn’t make it down the snorkel, and with the absurd prices of beer at major league ballparks, their best efforts were rendered moot due to the small opening of the snorkel.

See, if they had a beer bong, they could have used the funnel part of the speedy-brewski-swilling device to help deliver more beer down the snorkel. Then again, had they had a beer bong, they wouldn’t have needed the snorkel in the first place. Huh.

[H/T The Big Lead]