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Colin Kaepernick reveals himself to be a rabid anti-Vegite (photo)


San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may soon learn that he has run afoul of mothers everywhere — and quite possibly, the Vegetable Anti-Defamation League (if there is such a thing) — after posting a photo to his Instagram account in which he disparages the wholesome goodness, nutritional value and tastiness of vegetables, not to mention the rightful place veggies deserve on the plates of the responsible and open-minded eaters of the world.

Via Instagram:

 Looks like a pretty tasty meal, right? Eggs, steak and a nice little cup of fruit. Not too shabby.

And a harmless photo to boot, correct? But something more sinister lurks underneath the innocent-appearing facade, as Kaepernick reveals his true motivations behind the publishing of the photo with the attached message: “This is lunch….. I don’t eat vegetables they make you weak!”

Egad! Won’t somebody please think of the children?!?

Perhaps even more damning is the excessive ignorance displayed by Kaepernick via his shameful expression rabid anti-Vegitism. What about Popeye? Spinach, man, spinach!

Further, hasn’t this guy ever heard of the Jolly Green Giant? That guy is huge, hence the reason behind “Giant” being in his name. And his size and strength came solely through feasting upon delicious vegetables. No steroids for the Green Giant. At least he’s never been busted. And the vegetables make his jolly, for goodness sake.

This aggression, this aggression against vegetables will not stand, man. Shame on you, Colin Kaepernick. What are mothers and fathers supposed to tell their children now when they push aside their peas and say, “Colin Kaepernick says veggies make you weak”? What then, Colin? What then?

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