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Sky Sports anchor Hayley McQueen: Jose Mourinho is ‘hungry for sex’ (video)


Derp. In light of the difficultly some people seem to have with saying the word “success” during reports, perhaps the media types should figure out a different word altogether for it and remove “success” from the sports reporting lexicon.  We only have to go back a few months how Susannah Collins, a Chicago Blackhawks reporter for Comcast SportsNet Chicago, ultimately lost her job after her employer began digging around in her work history after she uttered that the team “had a tremendous amount of sex” during a report.

Watch as Hayley McQueen of Sky Sports has her own “sex for success” moment while experiencing more than a little bit of trouble saying the word “success” during a report on Chelsea Football Club manager Jose Mourinho’s apparently insatiable appetites.

Technically, Miss McQueen said “hungry for sex-sex, success now,” before flashing a shy smile and saying “success” again, but in the end, it’s all the same. And slightly amusing. Hopefully, she doesn’t lose her job over it, although I’m doubting Sky Sports would embroil themselves in such a silly controversy. Also, she’s something of a looker. And yet, that didn’t save Collins’ job with Comcast SportsNet Chicago, so there you go.

[H/T Guyism]