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Guy gets roughed up pretty good by AT&T Park security after running on field (video)


During Monday’s game between the San Francisco Giants and Cincinnati Reds at AT&T Park, a couple of young men stormed the field and proceeded to run around the outfield along the warning track. One of the guys, doing his best to evade the onrush of stadium security right up until the end, paid for his reckless shenanigans by having his face shoved into the dirt and a knee to his neck as security staff manhandled him after finally taking him down and restraining him, rather forcibly.

As Tom Ley notes in his writeup on the incident at Deadspin, you have to feel a bit bad for the guy for the way in which he’s perhaps rouged up a bit too much by in the end five AT&T Park security staffers. Then again, it could be argued that any moron who storms the field during any athletic event has what’s coming to him. At least he’ll be able to enjoy some semblance of Internet fame, in all likelihood. As soon as he’s released from jail, that is.