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Baby laughs uncontrollably at Dikembe Mutombo’s GEICO commercial (video)

If you’re like most people, you cannot help but chuckle at the delightful GEICO commercial featuring former NBA great Dikembe Mutombo swatting away anything and everything unsuspecting folks casually are tossing into some kind of receptacle or another.

Mutombo obviously was a renowned shot-blocking threat during his NBA career, so the “Happier Than” premise of this ad series fit perfectly with his reputation. Far better than some of the other efforts in this ad campaign, in particular the one featuring the Pillsbury Dough Boy in an airport security line.

Be that as it may, watching this little rugrat belly-laugh while watching the commercial is as adorable as it is amusing. Good stuff, even though the video has been around for some time now. Still, it’s new to me.

More importantly, laughing at the GEICO commercial starring Dikembe Mutombo is far more appropriate than a child laughing over the “Who wants to sex Mutombo” story.

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