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Steve Spurrier gives the thumbs up from the condiment station at Arby’s (photo)


South Carolina Gamecocks head football coach Steve Spurrier, apparently plum tuckered out from the hustle and bustle of SEC Media Days, decided to take a trip to a nearby fast food eatery. And while there, he helped himself to the well-stocked condiment area.

Everything about the photo is all kinds of awesome. The untied tie. The sunglasses. The self-satisfied grin on his face. The thumbs-up gesture. The locals standing in the background, likely in awe and left speechless by being in such close proximity of the SEC Football greatness that is the Old Ball Coach.

The photo was uploaded to Instagram by Gamecocks defensive end Jadeveon Clowney with the message, “Yeah my coach swagg.” Indeed he is:


Yeah, that’s a whole lotta swag going on right there. The official Twitter account of Arby’s later tweeted that it was indeed inside one of their restaurants that Spurrier demonstrated for the masses his mad swag:

I wonder if he ordered potato cakes. Because they’re good.

Speaking of Arby’s, this is now the third time in recent months that the place that serves up fresh-sliced, roast beef goodness has worked its way into the world of sports. First, it was the official Twitter account taking a shot at San Antonio Spurs benchwarmer Tracy McGrady. Next, it was one of the chain’s franchisees reserving a parking space for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. Now this. Feels like an Arby’s night, without a doubt.

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