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Miguel Angel Jimenez is doing his bizarre stretching routine at the British Open (GIF)


Miguel Ángel Jiménez, the 49-year-old stylish Spaniard, arguably is the most interesting golfer in the world, if not the most interesting man on the planet. He is a cigar-smoking, wine-swilling throwback to an era when golfers weren’t expected to be athletes; they were simply expected to be able to whack a ball around a course better than average people. And look good while doing it.

Also, he might be a pothead. Maybe.

Jiménez made a big splash and attracted the attention of folks who traditionally do not follow golf back in 2011, when video of his boffo stretching routine that he engages in before every round was everywhere.

Well, the Most Interesting Golfer in the World was back at it at the British Open at Muirfield, utilizing the very same moves that have delighted and befuddled people since the video first went viral.

Via Business Insider:

Now that, my friends, is how one should warm-up before golf. Get those joints all lubed-up and loosey-goosey and all that goods stuff.

Actually, if most folks did this before they marched on over to the first tee box they just might get booted off the course and asked to never come back again. That’s what makes Jiménez the coolest cat in golf. He rolls how he rolls. Also, this, courtesy of fellow British Open competitor Keegan Bradley: