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Nick Saban claims he doesn’t know how to send a text message (video)


SEC Media Days has helped assuage the torment of a relatively slow week in the world of sports. The absence of “real” baseball leading up to the start of the British Open on Thursday left something of a dearth in the sports world, but thankfully, the SEC came up big time, providing a worthy distraction as we wait for baseball to return and the British Open to reach the weekend.

Alabama Crimson Tide head football coach Nick Saban took the podium on Thursday and while it was typical a Saban-esque performance, one nugget could be gleaned that was amusing: Coach Saban claimed to have no idea how to send a text message.

Ha. Older people. They don’t get stuff.

And don’t worry, Coach Saban: No matter how much of a square you may be and irrespective of your admitted ignorance regarding modern technology, this guy still would love to get your autograph.

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