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Is ‘Mr. Go’ the best baseball movie ever to star a gorilla? (vids)


“Mr. Go,” a baseball film set to premiere in China and Korea this week, very well could be the finest baseball film ever made that features a gorilla as its main character. Or it could be the worst ever. Actually, it could be the only one. I’m just not interested enough in checking.

Even better? The film is in 3D. A baseball-playing primate in 3D? Color me intrigued.

It’s important to stress that “Mr. Go” should not be confused with “Ed,” the 1996 film starring Matt LeBlanc about a baseball-playing chimpanzee. Obviously, a chimp playing baseball is a certifiably absurd premise. Gorillas, on the other hand, were born to play baseball. And for learning sign language, lest we forget about Koko.

Some background on the wacky movie about Ling Ling, the gorilla who dreams of becoming a baseball star (via

The production team created software to process large amounts of data efficiently so that the film cost 10 percent of the budget demanded by most Hollywood movies, but produced more than 1,000 special effects shots that can compare with American film makers’ work, Kim said.

The images were so precise and delicate that all the 3.8 million hairs on gorilla Ling Ling, hero of the film, could sway with the wind, he said.

Mr. Go sees Ling Ling trained to play baseball and develop remarkable hitting skills. Dreaming of success, Ling Ling and his trainer Wei Wei join a professional baseball team in the Republic of Korea, where he grows to become a superstar, explained Wang Zhonglei, president of China’s Huayi Brothers, the film’s investor.

Enough with the setup, let’s get to the preview:

Wow. Nice touch on using “Walk of Life” by Dire Straits as the background music. That song probably is a smash hit over there right now.

In any event, here I thought “Gorillas in the Mist” was the pinnacle of gorilla films. I stand corrected.

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