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Azerbaijani wrestler’s victory dance is all kinds of awesome (video)


Thankfully, someone out there in Internetland was paying attention to something called the 27th Summer Universiade, some kind of wrestling event that was held this week. If not, we would not be afforded the opportunity to witness Azerbaijani wrestler Rasul Chunayev’s wonderful impromptu dancing performance following his relatively easy win over Russia’s Islambek Albiev to win gold in the 66 kg weight class.

Watch as Chunayev breaks into arguably the best celebratory dance ever performed following a wrestling victory. Or perhaps the only one.

Fantastic. Were Chunayev’s moves inspired by the traditional folk dance of his native land of Azerbaijan? Perhaps. And while his dance moves don’t necessarily resemble it, it sure reminded me of the unmitigated happiness exhibited whenever Balki Bartokomous did his “Dance of Joy” on “Perfect Strangers.” Don’t ask me why, it just did.

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