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Phil Mickelson works on backwards flop shot at Muirfield (video/GIF)


During his practice round Monday at Muirfield in advance of The Open Championship (British Open to the American layperson), Phil Mickelson, already a legend in the realm of the flop shot, pulled off an amazing shot on the 17th hole.

Facing the opposite direction from where he was intending his shot to go, Phil flopped one up in the air off a mound before landing on to the green about 15 feet behind him. Fancy.


Impressive. FIGJAM does it again. Although Philly Dog’s nifty backwards flop shot was not quite as mind-blowing as the backwards shot pulled off by Miguel Ángel Jiménez during the 2010 British Open at St. Andrews:

Another look at Phil’s shot from Monday, in GIF form (via For The Win):

The craziest part of Mickelson practicing the shot is that he just may need it come this weekend. Stranger things have happened at The Open Championship, that’s for sure.