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Kevin Durant tweets that ‘hot ass oil’ during massage is going to make him fart


Twitter has been rightfully praised for how it allows fans to have the inflated sense that there is a perceived closeness between themselves and the athletes, movie stars and the multitude of fake Jesus Christs and Bill Clintons they admire and follow on the social media platform. On the other hand, Twitter has been a heaping helping of trouble for many celebrities from the world of sport and otherwise, usually because these stars fail to think before they tweet.

Further, sometimes, information gleaned from a celebrity’s Twitter account unequivocally can be deemed as “Too Much Information,” or “T.M.I.” as the kids used to say to be cool but now likely only say it in a snarky, ironic manner.

That appears to be the case for a recent tweet offered up by Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant, who regales us with the gassy tales of his experience getting a massage in Taiwan.

Via @KDTrey5:

Alrighty then. Later, responding to a Twitter inquiry about his farting-during-massage habits, here’s what Durant had to say about the nature – in both smell and audibility — of said impending fart:

An interesting and perhaps overly descriptive characterization of the wind about to be broke. But here’s a question: Is Kevin Durant getting a massage, tweeting and cutting the cheese at the same time? Talk about a multi-tasker. Not falling asleep is about all I can do while getting a massage. Well done, KD, you funky farter.

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