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Here’s a robot sticking a quadruple backflip off a horizontal high bar (video)


Not much really needs to be added here, because it would be simply a waste of time. We all know anything written that precedes the below video will be rightfully ignored because a FREAKING ROBOT JUST STICKS A QUADRUPLE BACKFLIP OFF A HORIZONTAL HIGH BAR IN IT!


I, for one, welcome our back-flipping robot gymnast overlords.

Incredible. Imagine if a robot such as this one were allowed to compete in international gymnastic events. First of all, Béla Károlyi would be out of a job — there’s no way that mustachioed Romanian would get within ten feet of this thing — while tiny, the diminutive robot lacks a certain Kerri Strug-esque quality. Actually, the horizontal high bar is an apparatus for men’s gymnastics, so the robot is the wrong gender. Wait. Can robots have a gender? Huh.

Getting back to the original point: Secondly, young Chinese gymnasts would be forced to endure 18-hour practice days instead of the traditional sixteen.

[H/T BroBible]