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Paulina Gretzky’s 4th of July fun included the fondling of friend’s breasts (GIFs)


Granted, the good time Paulina Gretzky enjoyed with boyfriend Dustin Johnson during a boating excursion over the 4th of July holiday has been extensively covered on the interwebs since the long holiday weekend, but footage that just recently surfaced featuring Miss Gretzky getting a handful of an attractive and busty friend’s boobs and just letting loose by jiggling away warrants at least some rudimentary semblance of commentary, which basically amounts to: “Hey, look! Paulina Gretzky is jiggling her friend’s boobs on a boat!”

Really, nothing much else to add here. GIF follows.

I thought this photo of Gretzky posing with one lucky primate was quite the example of monkey business, but this GIF is just bananas! Via Terez Owens:

There you have it. Oh, and here’s one more photo of Miss Paulina Gretzky showing how she had time to enjoy the sun’s rays sometime during the festivities:


You know, when she wasn’t fondling her friend’s boobs. Yeah.

Say what you want about this young lady, she knows what she’s doing with the Instagram stuff.

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[images via Instagram]