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Ohio golf course to make two Bubba Watson golf cart hovercrafts available


The future is now. At least as it pertains to wacky golf carts and so long as said future being being discussed occurs at a golf course in Ohio. And “now” meaning “soon.” But work with me here.

According to reports, Windy Knoll Golf Club in Springfield, Ohio, will be the first course in the United States that will have two golf cart hovercrafts available for use.

The golf cart hovercrafts, popularized in a viral video starring Bubba Watson released in April, have captured the imagination of golfers dreaming of cruising around the course in the modern take on a conventional means of motorized transport.

The hovercrafts have apparently also caught the attention of Pete Duffey, the managing director of Windy Knoll Golf Club.

Duffey told the Golf Channel that plunking down a decent chunk of change — it reportedly costs $20,000 to manufacture one of the hovercraft golf carts — it was a good way to generate “We wanted to be able to offer something no other course could,” said Duffey. “A way to further put Windy Knoll Golf Club on the map of public destination golf courses. It was an easy decision. When we saw them on YouTube, we said ‘We gotta have those!’”

Can’t say I don’t agree with him:

I only wonder how much it will cost to rent one of those bad boys. And how long it will take until some dolt swilling too much suds courtesy of the beer cart gal manages to wreck one. We’ve all seen how irresponsible some people behave behind the wheel of a traditional golf cart, just wait until an idiot starts flying around the course in one of these contraptions.