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Mike Moustakas makes a spectacular, out of control catch to end ballgame (video)


With two down in the top of ninth inning of Tuesday’s tilt between the Kansas City Royals and New York Yankees, Royals replacement third baseman Mike Moustakas made a brilliant adjustment before making a brilliant, if not out of control, catch of a Lyle Overbay popup to secure a 3-1 victory.

It was closer Greg Holland’s 22nd save of the season and the second straight win for Kansas City (I smell a streak!), winners of six of their last ten ballgames, leaving the team only one game under .500 (43-44).

But it was Moustakas’ nifty play that iced the game.

Either Moustakas overran the ball or the swirling winds whipping around Kauffman Stadium necessitated Moustakas to make an adjustment to the ball’s flight on the fly with his back to the infield (via

Well done. As far as understanding the level of skill needed to make such an impressive play, I guess you could say it’s all Greek to me.

You know, because his name is Moustakas, which is undeniably a Greek name. Yeah, make no “Moustakas” about it, it’s “The Price is Right” fail horn for me that one pitiful attempt at humor:

I deserved that one. Now who wants Gyros? How about Spanakopita? Nobody?