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Metta World Peace reacts humorously to reports he’ll be amnestied


Reports are circulating that indicate the Los Angeles Lakers will use its amnesty provision to cut ties with eccentric forward Metta World Peace, ending a modestly successful, if not interesting, stint on the West Coast for the artist formerly known as Ron Artest.

World Peace is due $7.7 million next season on an expiring contract, so the development really isn’t all that surprising, and whether or not MWP himself is shocked or saddened by the news is difficult to determine, even though the aspiring children’s author took to Twitter to discuss the impending transaction that will effectuate the 33-year-old oddball being out of a job. Well, he kind of addressed it. Sort of, but in a manner that can only be described as standard operating procedure for Metta World Peace.

Via @MettaWorldPeace:

And finally:

Alrighty then. Interesting. Something tells me that MWP isn’t thrilled about it but is willing to accept whatever happens with a sense of humor. Or his favorite burger joint really did amnesty its whole grain buns. Who knows?

At least Metta has a reality show co-starring Terrell Owens to fall back on if he needs to seek out new NBA employment, which apparently is more or less a done deal. Let’s hope some team signs him. The league is all the more interesting with him as a part of it.

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