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Justin Bieber poses with Stanley Cup, continuing his quest to ruin sports (pic)


Pop star Justin Bieber has appeared on the pages of this here site with an alarming and troubling frequency. The Biebster is back at it again as he continued his apparent and relentless quest to ruin sports altogether, laying waste to the joy we experience, by posing with the Stanley Cup.

For shame, Chicago Blackhawks, for letting this self-aggrandizing parasite feed by allowing him to gain such close proximity to the most hallowed trophy in all of sport. For shame, indeed.

Bieber’s recent run of worming his way into the sports world has been documented here on SoB and covered extensively on other sites. But for what it’s worth, his shameless bid for attention as he sat courtside (above) during Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers undoubtedly was the most egregious and annoying.

But Bieber being allowed to touch Lord Stanley’s Cup while in Chicago for a concert at the United Center? Hoo boy, that ain’t right.

Via the Twitter account of Pete Hassen, marketing executive for the Blackhawks:


Once again, that ain’t right. First the Backstreet Boys pose with the Cup, now Bieber? Tell me why, indeed.

Ultimately, Bieber’s reign of terror upon the sports world must be stopped. Who will be the first team, league or player to say, “Thanks, but no thanks” when Bieber comes calling, hoping to achieve some shameless self-promotion by marring the great world of sports by his unwelcome presence?

Instead of the real Cup, maybe someone should have allowed Bieber to feast upon a meaty hunk of the Manley Cup. You know, after it had sat out in the sun for a few days. Okay, I don’t mean that. At least not completely.

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