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Tom Brady looks totally derpy next to Gisele on Disneyland ride (photo)


(Paul Hiffmeyer/Disneyland Resort)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is busy enjoying his time away from the team and the fallout from the Aaron Hernandez mess by spending some time with the family. Tom, Gisele and the kids recently embarked on a fun-filled day at Disneyland, during which he and Gisele were photographed on a ride. You know the routine: During one of the more thrilling parts of the ride, a camera is set up and snaps a photo of folks looking hilarious, terrified, a bit stupid or all of the above.

And of course, given Tom Brady’s long and storied history of hilariously awful photos, you just know that the pic snapped of him was chock-full of derpy glory.

Here’s the image snapped of the couple on some unidentified ride the Tower of Terror, which is a tower and kinda terrifying. I speak from experience. Via Instagram:


Sadly, Tom is somewhat cut out of the photo (side note: how about how Gisele manages to look fantastic in a photo where it is expected that a person will look ridiculous?), but enough of his face shows up to properly document that Brady had his derp face going on. And with the portion of the photo blown-up, said derp face is even more evident:


Awesome. Nowhere near as awkward as “Tom Brady on a Waterslide” but pretty solid nevertheless.

Finally, as I tend to do any time an awkward photo of Tom Brady surfaces, allow me to present what is arguably most awkward — and hilarious — photo of Tom Brady ever:

tom brady dork golf

Fantastic. That never gets old.

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