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‘PrinceFielderSlides’ Tumblr is as awesome as the name implies (GIFs)


Detroit Tigers first baseman Prince Fielderis a big, big man. Being a big man — he’s listed at 5’11”, 275 pounds but come on — some aspects of the skills typically associated with being a baseball player at the highest level suffer as a consequence of his considerable girth.

And while Fielder more than makes up for his shortcomings with adequate fielding and hitting talents that far exceed the average ballplayer, sliding, a skill that requires some modicum of dexterity, appears to be one skill he has never been able to master, something that should come as no surprise given his body style.

Which is what makes the Tumblr “PrinceFielderSlides” such a wonderful exercise in total genius, not to mention hilarious.

Here’s a sampling of some recent entries to the brilliant Tumblr:

Simply wonderful. While there are few entries at the moment, be sure to frequent “PrinceFielderSlides” often, because with every time Prince Fielder reaches base, there’s at least a decent chance another entry is right around the corner, tumbling into view.

[H/T Eye on Baseball]