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Packers rookie blown away by moose head, porcupine, plans to eat cheese curds


In a classic example of a stranger in a strange land, Green Bay Packers rookie Johnathan Franklin is experiencing an extreme case of culture shock as he tries to become acclimated to the unfamiliar, more nature-rich environs typical in the fine state of Wisconsin.

Born and raised in California, Franklin attended UCLA, so this is apparently his first time experiencing things a bit wilder than what can be typically seen while suffering through a traffic jam on a Los Angeles freeway.

In fact, Franklin appears to be a bit blown away by the things he has seen during his first few weeks in The Badger State. But it wasn’t a badger that Franklin first mentioned when discussing his aforementioned culture shock. It was a moose’s head.

Having never fished or hunted in his life, Franklin was taken aback when confronted with the presence of a moose head hanging on a wall in the team’s equipment room (via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel):

“Oh my gosh, from Los Angles to Green Bay, Wisconsin,” Franklin exclaimed in front of his locker after the Packers’ final minicamp practice. “Boy, I tell ya. It’s like night and day.”

“I saw a moose head in a room the other day and I went crazy. I ain’t seen none of this,” Franklin explained while shaking his head. “I said, ‘Is that real? Did you really kill a moose?’ It’s so different here. I saw a porcupine the other day, I mean it’s crazy.”

There are few things crazier than seeing a porcupine for the first time. That much is true.

And here’s Franklin explaining the sense of dread he felt from simply driving through the woods:

“I wanted to see Lake Michigan,” Franklin said. “I was driving through the woods and I was so scared. There I was on the cliff (at Cave Point County Park) and it was nice. We just drove up and came right back.”

Alright. And how about sampling the exotic foodstuffs befitting a state called America’s Dairyland? “I still have to eat a cheese curd,” Franklin said, “That’s what everybody is telling me. So I’m excited for that.”

Can’t blame him for that. Cheese curds are goooooood.

And finally, there’s one thing that Franklin learned rather quickly about Green Bay, which should come as no surprise to anyone who has visited the town: “There’s not that much to do in Green Bay, which allows us on this team to be close,” he said. “We’re not going out and trying to impress nobody.”

But there are moose heads. And porcupines. And most importantly, the greasy goodness that is a cheese curd. Yum.

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